Vision Mission Values


To provide maximum satisfaction through our effective, efficient and timely services ideology in order to daily bridge the gap between our client desire & satisfaction through value creation.


To be top-notch facility management service provider through our branch network and customer friendly services nationwide.


Our core values has enabled us build strong relationship with our esteem clients at all times in both public and private sector, property owners in commercial institutions and industrial sector.

We do not assume, we put ourselves in your shoes to better understand your business and work with you.

keeping to our brand promise through our value proposition cannot be diluted or bent in our daily business dealings with all parties involved.

To us an empowered mind is a creative one either in business or career, which is the bedrock to flourish especially in our digital era. At Smile Planet we guide our clients on how best to daily creatively use human & technology solutions for mutual benefit.

We ensure that due diligence & global standard are followed in discharging our duties & scope of work to our esteemed clients leaving no room for assumptions.

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