Abraham O. OrukpeFounder & CEO

I am Abraham Orukpe as you already know, my daily goal & objective is to guide/provide a measurable hands-on business solution to Micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) business owners on how to scale up Sales & Revenue, Strategically Structure /Restructuring their business model & enhancing team performance for maximum productivity & profitability in line with their business vision and mission objectives.

I have been trained and certified by John Maxwell to Consult, Coach, Speak, Train on Business, Leadership and Personal growth through organized mastermind groups, workshops, seminars, keynote speaking, consulting and coaching sessions, aiding your personal, professional growth as an individual, Team or Organization to attain & achieve set goals & objective.

As a practising professional accountant with a 2nd class upper & MSc in Business Management coupled with my years of working experience, and knowledge bank from managing and growing my business portfolio Smile Planet Group of Companies with a vast interest in Facility management www.smileplanetltd.com RC: 1227929, Business consulting, coaching & leadership training www.smileplanetc.com RC: 1532615 and Agriculture & poultry livestock www.smileplanetf.com RC: 1532615. I can confidently say with my wealth of practical experience I have what it truly takes to make you & your team smile within a few days of working with me as your consultant or coach.

Finally, with my practical field knowledge as a Certified Human Capacity Development Trainer & Consultant by Nigeria Center for Management Development (C.M.D) and a Digital marketing expert with Google Digital Skill for Africa certification, there is no doubt we are both on track to create that which you truly desire in your business/career.

One truth  I have discovered over my years of providing professional business coaching & consulting services to business owners is that businesses don’t fail but only the business implementation strategy and approach that actually fails. And that is why I am here to show you the strategic & approach that will bring to you and your team that long awaiting 360° measurable and sustainable change with a growth proof in your monthly cash flow transaction & team performance.

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